API Reseller

  1. Static IP For Resellers
  2. Whitelabel - website for Members
  3. Reseller's Admin Panel
  4. Resellers Panels like: Admin, Distributor, Retailer
  5. Website CMS for Resellers
  6. Admin Panel, MD Panel, Distributor Panel, Retailer Panel
  7. Unlimited Master Distributors, Distributors, Retailers
  8. Add Limited Resellers - 50 Qty.
  9. Reseller Can not make Resellers
  10. Manage Resellers and modify profile
  11. 50 Resellers, Unilimited Distributors, Unilimited Retailers
  12. Recharges: Mobile, DTH, Datacard, Postpaid, Landline
  13. One API Integration - Cyrus - Advance Plan
  14. Main Admin Virtual Wallet System
  15. Member Access - Registration, Edit, Delete, Active / Inactive, View Downline, Recover, Reset Password, Login Logs
  16. API Balance Check and My Commission
  17. Pending Recharge Management - check Status, Force Fail, Force Success
  18. Dynamic Operator with Commission / Surcharge Setting - Flat and Percentage
  19. Recharge History Report with Filtrations
  20. Manage Recharge Circles with Active / Inactive
  21. Member's wallet Balance and Transactions Report
  22. Member's Fund Add and Deduct System
  23. Downline Fund Request Management
  24. Manage Registration Packages for downline
  25. Recharge Disputes Management - Advance
  26. Advance Dashboard with notification
  27. Manage News for Members
  28. Manage Terms for Members
  29. Masters - Bank, Self Bank, Country, State, City, Others
  30. Email Integration with Send Email Facility
  31. SMS Integration with Send SMS Facility with 300 Free Transactional SMS
  32. Standard Android Application - Advance (Limited Features) for Main Admin and Its users

    Login, All Services, Current balance show, Send fund Request, Refer Friend, Raise Dispute, Dispute Report, Operator Fetch, Tariff Plans, Fund Transfer, Wallet Transaction, Recharge History, Help, Forget password, Change Password, Contact us, Logout

  33. Download APP from website
  34. Package wise Operator Active / Inactive Settings
  35. Operator wise API shifting Machanism
  36. Admin Recharge Earning & Downline earning
  37. Manage Operators List with Active / Inactive & Edit codes
  38. Manage Company Profile
  39. Employee Management (Sub Admins with Roles)
  40. Longcode Keyword Settings
  41. Call back URL Facility
  42. Support Ticket System - Helpdesk
  43. Live Chat Support on website
  44. Manage News Section for all Panels
  45. SMS, APP Recharge History Report
  46. SMS Based Recharge System
  47. Longcode Keyword facility for 1 Month + 500 Free Incoming SMS
  48. Credit Fund Management
  49. Auto Operator Fetch for Mobile operators From 3rd party Free API
  50. Prepaid Tariff Plans From 3rd party Free API

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